• BWRT® - BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®

  • BWRT® is proving to be the single most important psychological therapy break-through in our generation.  Created by Terence Watts, one of the UK’s leading Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Educators for the past 30years, BWRT ® is not like any other therapy existing today.  It is based upon current Neurological Brain science and understanding, with its therapeutic modelling being well accepted and easily understood by both therapists and clients alike.  Its attraction as a therapy is evident given its incredible ability to tackle most psychologically based symptoms in typically 1 or 2 sessions, with the more complex 'Core Identity' based conditions, including Addictions (Alcohol, Drug, Gambling, Sexual, etc), Depression, OCD and Binge Eating/Drinking, maybe requiring a specialist procedure over 3-5 sessions.

    In 2011, whilst digesting a well-documented mid 1980’s psychological experiment by Benjamin Libet, Terence had a Eureka moment, literally. That Eureka moment was based around the scientific fact that there is typically a 1/3 second delay between an impulse stimulus to the Brain i.e. a memory or input from one of your senses and you becoming consciously aware of that stimulus.  

  • It is the Brains ability to identify this stimulus in the form of ‘Brain patterns’, that if recognised can trigger an automated response, long before you actually become consciously aware of it.  A good example is your automated response to a ball being thrown ‘at’ you (duck or move to avoid contact) or ‘to’ you (raise arm, adjust/compensate to catch). If this automated response is an erroneous or out of date response, to a ‘perceived threat’ from a much earlier time in your life, then again before you have a chance to make a conscious decision about how to respond, your brain has already triggered the ‘fight, flight or freeze response’, commonly experienced as stress, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, panic attacks, sweating, shaking, generally unwanted functioning and or behaviour.  

  • All Terence Watts needed to do now was find a way of ‘interrupting’ that automated response.  And today thanks to substantial contributions from research partner & eminent Psychologist, Rafiq Lockhat, we have an extensively clinically proven procedure for client’s everyday presenting symptoms, providing permanent solutions, typically in one or two sessions, whilst maintaining client’s privacy in not having to share the sometimes embarrassing details of the cause of their symptoms, if known. 

    In testament to the extensive research that followed in pioneering this new therapeutic procedure and in recognition to the unique nature and positive permanent changes it makes in clients lives, Terence Watts has been able to set up ‘The British BrainWorking Research Society’, a government recognised and approved body for the advancement of the new style therapies based around neuroscience.

    Typical Symptoms that respond well to BWRT include:- Anxiety/Stress/Fear/Phobias, General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Obsessions, Confidence/Self-worth/Low Self Esteem, Unwanted Habits, Stop Smoking, Weight Mgmt, Relationships etc.      

    Advance Symptoms include:- Addictions (Alcohol, Gambling, Drug, Sex/Pornography), PTSD, Binge Eating/Drinking, OCD and Depression.    

  • BWRT® Remote Online Sessions available on Skype™ & FaceTime