• FAQ for Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT®)

    BWRT FAQ's - Answering your questions...
    In this FAQ's section below, are the more common frequently asked questions that most people have with regard to BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®:-

    Q: How many sessions will I need?

    A: One of the great things about BWRT is its speed and efficiency. It’s what attracted me to BWRT as a Therapist.  Often, a single session is sufficient to resolve long standing psychological problems. For the more complex symptoms i.e. Substance abuse, Alcohol, Gambling, PTSD, Depression, etc. there may be a need for a 3-5 session course.


    Q: Will I have to share embarrassing memories?

    A: No - This is a wonderful and almost unique aspect to BWRT.  You simply share the subject of your symptom and how it affects you. You will also at some time share with the Therapist your preferred response to a given situation, but you don’t need to share anything you’re not comfortable with.


    Q: Does BWRT involve me going into Hypnosis?

    A: No - BWRT does not require you to be deeply relaxed, you simply sit in the consulting chair, however at a point in the procedure, I do ask you to close your eyes to assist you in your concentration.


    Q: Do I need to understand how BWRT works for it to work on me?

    A: No - Your Therapist will explain in straight forward and simple terms the background to this therapy, but then guide you through your thought process to allow the procedure to work for you. 


    Q: Is there any tapping or physical contact by the Therapist?

    A: No none what so ever - BWRT all takes place inside your mind under the guidance of the therapist.


    Q: Are there any unpleasant side effects?

    A: No - There are no lasting side effects what so ever. Some people feel slightly 'disconnected' for a few seconds, some feel a little ‘bemused’ at not being able to find an unpleasant reaction to something that was there before, but this soon passes. 


    Q: Does it last?

    A: Yes - When your problem is resolved with BWRT it stays resolved.


    Q: Can it work for performance enhancement?

    A: Very much so - Whether it's for business, sports performance, relationships, sex issues, driving, exams or anything else where you need to give your best, BWRT can make a significant change.


    Q: What is the difference between attending a session in person and a Remote Online Session?

    A: The therapy procedure will be exactly the same.  Its simply a case of being in the room with the therapist verses being online using Skype or Apple FaceTime to direct you through the same procedure.  Payment for the Online Session is made via the Paypal Payment service from the Fees/Payment page prior to the session.   


    Q: What should I do if my question is not covered here?

    A: Please feel free to call me or send me an email directly or via the contact page on the website. I’m more than happy to answer any of your questions.