• Guest Speaker & Talks

    My background in the corporate world of +30years in Electronic/Medical Semiconductor Sales & Marketing, has given me many skills that I use in my passion today, which is providing Psychological therapeutic help, to those suffering a very wide range of psychological (of the mind) symptoms and disorders.  Hence I am very happy to offer my services to those groups who having a common interest, might also on occasion invite speakers in to talk about a specific subject, in my case Hypnotherapy & Brain Working Recursive Therapy, that might be of general interest to their members.  My talks are not a sales pitch by design, but an informative interesting insight into these two stunning therapies and how they are used to assist/remove a whole host of Human based psychological problems.  I don't charge for my 30-40min talks at this time, but do ask to be allowed to provide promotional material in the form of business cards and A5 flyers to anyone who might want to look into therapy in due course.

    If you feel that your group/club might benefit from such a talk, please feel free to contact me via mail or call 07548 772834.