• Psychological Therapy - How can it Help me?

    Below is a comprehensive listing of the typical most often presented psychological therapy based (originating of the mind) symptoms, conditions or issues that Clients typically suffer from.  The drop down tab of 'How Can I help you' goes into a little more detail.  

    If you are suffering from any of the symptoms/conditions outlined below, then there’s a very high chance that either Hypnotherapy or now more often BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy), can help you. I offer a free 'Initial Consultation', of typically 30-40 minutes, so simply Contact me, you've nothing to lose and everything to gain, namely control of your life again. 

  • Stop Smoking

    If you have made the decision that you finally want to Stop Smoking and feel for what ever reason that you just need that little extra help, using Hypnotherapy to help make it final, then an Initial Consultation is probably not necessary, but you are welcome to have one, if you would prefer to discuss things in greater detail, prior to the single 2 hour 'Easy Quit Smoking' session.

  • Note : Medical Conditions

    For symptoms of a Physiological (Body function) or Pathological (Body Disease) nature, it is good common sense to ensure that a GP/Doctor has fully diagnosed your condition, to ensure that for example something as common as migraine, is not in fact masking something more sinister such as a tumour. Hence please ensure this is done prior to seeking complementary therapy.

    The symptom list above is is not an exhaustive list, since it would be impossible to outline every social, emotional or psychological condition, for which Hypnotherapy could assist significantly. If you're not sure and simply want to have a quick call to discuss if the symptom you have in mind might benefit from Hypnotherapy, then please feel free to Contact me and we can have a quick chat.