• Help with Weight Loss & Binge Eating

  • Clients reasons and motivation for getting help with weight loss & binge eating can be wide and varied, but typically fall into one of two categories. The first tends to be driven by our ego and how we perceive we look and then of course feel about ourselves. And for these events it’s not actual weight typically that we are focused on, it’s actually shape!. The second is health based, where the focus is very much on weight loss in order to relieve our vital organs and their complex functions from too much fat around them and the strain caused by a general lack of health and fitness as a result of a more sedentary life or over eating/binge eating The health complications that come with this second aspect can range from Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Respiratory problems, Circulation and bone problems etc.   

    There is always a reason why we are the shape or size we are at any given time. Physiology, Genetics and Lifestyle all play their part. But it's so often our Behaviour that causes the greater challenge, both the conscious and subconscious choices we make on what food we eat, how often and the portion sizes.  Some find they have good control and consciously manage a positive food diet.  For some it's the opposite, they feel they have no control, maybe even an unhappy life as we see it and tend toward unhealthy, binge eating habits.  The great news is that our Behaviour, with therapy if necessary, can be changed.    

  • At Mindset I focus on you as a unique individual when it comes to help with weight loss & binge eating and establish your own personal needs. Then in using a mix of Advance BWRT® and maybe Hypnotherapy, we remove the subconscious 'urge/drivers' that caused these negative eating habits and  get your thought processes, both conscious and subconscious, automatically focused on a positive, healthy eating habits and routines. Add in then a relaxed form of exercise, or intense if you prefer to start to burn through that added fat/weight you're carrying and I guarantee you, you will reverse the trend and start to lose weight and changing your body shape accordingly.

    Most Important Rule: To Lose Weight, Calories In (eaten) must be Less than Calories out (burned).

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