• Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy & BWRT.   I'm a Hypnotherapist & BWRT Therapist, providing personalised, confidential, caring, fully qualified Hypnotherapy and other related Psychological therapeutic techniques, including the new, stunningly efficient and effective BWRT® (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy).  Whether it's to overcome Anxiety, Addictions, Fears or Phobias, Self Confidence, Low Self Esteem, Stop Smoking or to ultimately gain control of Unwanted Thinking, Functioning or Behavioural based problems, then I can assure you hope and a solution is in sight...

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  • A full listing of typical Symptoms and Ailments that Hypnotherapy & BWRT can help you to remove from your life, allowing you to get your life back in balance...

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  • BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® - 'The New Kid on the Block!' A stunningly efficient and effective, UK originated Therapy, that is taking the therapy market by storm...

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  • If you have made the decision that you finally want to Stop Smoking and feel for what ever reason that you just need that little extra help, a single 2 hour 'Easy Quit Smoking' session may be all that's required.

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  • A Full Listing of all therapy costs.  Remember Therapy is an Investment in 'You'.  And yes rightly, 'You' are the most important thing in this world... for you!


  • Mindset Introduction

  • Emergency Services, Armed Forces, Care Workers & Health Worker Staff are all eligible for a 10% discount on their Therapy fees.


  • Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy Vision Statement :

    To provide to all clients with respect to their presenting needs, symptoms or condition, the very best possible therapy I can give, in the most time efficient and cost effective manner possible. To maintain a caring, confidential practice and ensure that the clients health and well being are always paramount. 

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