Weight Loss Program

At Mindset we have a good track record with helping Clients focused on weight loss.  And we so often refer to the need to lose weight (Weight Loss) because it is easy to track a specific number i.e. our weight,  but most often the actual result that Clients are really looking for is more a body shaping program that leaves them feeling happier about their physical shape. As Humans, typically if we eat a healthier, lower calorie diet, than the calories that we burn during our normal waking day, then our bodies often return to a much leaner, often felt and seen as more attractive proportions. 

What is the Mindset approach to Weight Loss or Body Shaping?

We first look to identify why the Client might be psychologically driven to eat a less healthy diet or even binge eat which confuses our bodies natural metabolism. Once we get to the core of these negative triggers, we can use a mix of BWRT to remove the residual triggers or emotions that drive them and then maybe a Hypnotherapy session to focus on a more healthier life style and life choices.  

Most people understand the basic principles for losing weight and hence changing the shape of their body, but We will cover them within the program to ensure.  These include: Changing your habits for a more healthier diet, so we talk the basics of a good diet and a bad diet, and  encouraging exercise into your life routine, simply because it speeds up getting the results you want.

So the Mindset Weight Loss Program allows for a much more holistic approach that has proven to have much longer lasting results for Clients. 

What are the benefits?

  • We often feel much better about our physical appearance. That’s very good for our feelings of wellbeing.
  • Other people often make a positive comment  and that feels good too.
  • We feel lighter and often feel we have more energy.
  • We increase mobility and more relaxed breathing.
  • A massive boost to our Body functioning: Reducing Blood Pressure, Lower Cholesterol, Less Stress on your Heart, Reduces Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke, Reduced Risk  of Type 2 Diabetes.
  • A Healthier diet results in less toxins in the body and hence reduces the Risk on certain Cancers.
  • Typically a better Sleep pattern.
  • Improved Mood and often an improved Sex Drive. 



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