• Weight Loss Programme - Body Shaping, Medical Condition or Healthy Life Style

  • Peoples reasons and motivation for weight loss or to lose weight can be wide and varied, but typically fall into one of two categories. The first tends to be event driven i.e. Summer, a Holiday, a Wedding etc, an event where we want to look our best. And for these events it’s not actual weight that we are focused on, it’s actually shape!. The second is health based, where the focus is very much on weight loss in order to relieve our vital organs and their complex functions from too much fat around them and the strain caused by a general lack of health and fitness as a result of a more sedentary life.. The health complications that come with this second aspect can range from Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Respiratory problems, Circulation problems etc.   

    There is always a reason why we are the shape or size we are at any given time. Physiology, Genetics and Lifestyle all play their part.  Fortunately, we only need to take control of one of those aspects, our personal Lifestyle, to allow us to achieve a more pleasing shape, or to significantly increase our Health benefits.

  • At Mindset I focus on you as a unique individual and establish your own personal needs. Then in using a mix of Hypnotherapy, Broadband for the Brain® and BWRT, we get your thought process at a conscious and subconscious level, focused on removing those negative thoughts & habits and strengthening those positive thoughts & habits. 

    Most Important Rule: To Lose Weight, Calories In (eaten) must be Less than Calories out (burned).

    So to speed weight loss up for Clients, I always encourage increasing exercise in their life. This is often achieved by introducing Clients to a personal program of ‘HIIT’ High Intensity Interval Training. It sounds hideous I appreciate, but it couldn’t be simpler.  Everyone can do HIIT and it’s always relevant and relative to their starting level of fitness. Walking for 1 minute and resting for 30 seconds might not seem of any concern to you, so now do it so that you are walking as fast as you can without running and then listen to your breathing… that’s HIIT. We customise it exactly to your life and fitness level and the gains are tremendous, results come so much faster than just changing your eating habits.

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