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    Due to the confidential nature of therapy I have not encouraged Clients to leave Therapy Reviews or Testimonials of my services in the past.  Times change and today most of us look for 'reviews' as an indicator to what we hope will be a positive experience. Hence in order to maintain my own 'online' presence, I would very much appreciate it if you could just take a couple of minutes to write a quick therapy review of your experience at Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy & BWRT, on one of the following:-

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  • Recent Client Reviews

    Mar 18 Fb - I can only recommend Trevor, he is very professional, informative and most importantly my sessions with him have helped me to overcome my issues. Thank you Trevor !

    Jan18 Yell 5/5 - PHOBIA OF BIRDS I had a 90 minute appointment with Trevor regarding my 40+ years of being scared of birds. I now do not think of them when I am out and about or sitting outside in a restaurant.Last week i had to walk through a park, just myself and my 5 year old grandson, we took the path through a host of pigeons and I came out the other side!!! No anxiety, it has given me the ability to stop crossing roads to avoid pigeons, stop clinging on the friends arms when they are around and sit outside in the summer. I can recommend this treatment. BWRT 

    Oct18 Confidential Email - Thank you for your skill, patience and kindness - “I came to Trevor in rather a crisis state having a peak in very long standing issues. From the start Trevor was understanding and patient and I felt able to be open. I had quite a few sessions which we both agreed were needed as we went along and at no time did I feel pressured to have more sessions than necessary.

    I was impressed how Trevor was able to clue into my background details considering all the people he sees which I felt was a gift of his abilities and his commitment to helping people.

    BWRT was new to me and I feel that it definitely helped me. It may be even more effective for people with one distinct issue but I feel that overall it was definitively  helpful process, particularly as delivered by Trevor, and that it brought me great relief. I am very glad I attended the sessions.  

    I also think that the sessions are well priced. For those who can find relief for long held obstacles or problems it would be a bargain indeed.

    Thank you Trevor for your skill, patience and kindness.”

    Aug18 Yell 5/5 - QUICK INEXPENSIVE THERAPY, MUCH RECOMMENDED. Trevor has a kind and caring manner and is easy to talk to making it easier to confide personal details and I’m pleased to say has helped me shift a problem I’ve had for many years!  I am so grateful to him.  I would recommend Trevor without hesitation.

    Aug18 Facebook Thoroughly Recommended - I thoroughly recommend Trevor. Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy really does help to put balance back into your life. Cannot recommend highly enough.

    Jul18 Facebook 5/5 - Stop Smoking. Over the moon to call myself a natural non-smoker thanks to Trevor. An absolute incredible experience. I couldn't recommend him enough 👏 Thank you again ! 

    Jul18 Yell 5/5 – BWRT & Hypnosis with a difference.  I booked in with Trevor following a recommendation from my daughter - he had helped her with long-standing insomnia. Trevor has helped me get my binge eating under control. He did exactly what I wanted - allowing my mind to accept the occasional treat without binging, i.e. 1 biscuit instead of a packet! My motivation was wanting a healthier old age but a few pounds off would be a bonus too. A month on and I've dropped nearly half a stone without noticing.
    A few things that may be a bit different about therapy with Trevor: 
    1. I felt he really "got" me - quickly understood my various problems, my hang-ups, my reasons for wanting therapy and what I wanted to achieve from my sessions.
    2. Trevor uses headphones (closed system) to guarantee total concentration and relaxation without the distraction of external noises
    3. What a nice guy - feels like he's your friend!

    Jun 18 Yell 4/5 - MINDSET Clinical Hypnotherapy & BWRT - Highly Recommended. I was really concerned with my sons anxiety, OCD & Anger issues so contacted Trevor at Mindset Clinical hypnotherapy & BWRT (who was recommended to me by a friend).  He was very sympathetic to my concerns and immediately arranged a fee consultation with my son & I.  The following week Trevor had another session with us and using BWRT therapy has really helped him feel less anxious, control his anger and noticeably much less concerned with germs and bacteria.  Trevor felt that 1 sessions enough for my son but did offer further sessions should we require.  I would highly recommend Trevor.

    Apr 18 TrustPilot 5/5 - I met Trevor after an extensive period at work of frustration working for a large corporation that does not value its employees. The frustration had manifested itself into a form of anxiety that I had never experienced before in 47 years. The anxiety was such that I developed a very poor sleep pattern, sleeping for only 3-4 hours a night which exacerbated the general anxiety symptoms to such an extent that I started to hate the job that I had always previously enjoyed. It was affecting my family and social life to an equally negative effect and I was quite simply miserable and barely functioning at times.

    Trevor was sympathetic, empathetic, considerate and caring from the outset and used BWRT alongside suggestion techniques to resolve what was quite a deep seated issue for me, stemming from my childhood and upbringing. Surprisingly to me the Corporate issues that I had suffered were merely a symptom which had brought to the surface more deeply rooted issues from my childhood, and Trevor managed to not only spot the issues but address them and resolve them for me. BWRT is quite a radical treatment in that the patients problems are not really discussed with the therapist in depth. The patient identifies the issues privately and then Trevor takes you on a journey of resolution in a simple but extraordinarily successful way.
    I cannot thank Trevor enough for the work he has done with me as I am now back to my old self once again, with renewed confidence and vigour to enjoy life and my career once more. In essence I feel stronger now for the experience that I had and it has made me much more empathetic towards my moody teenage children to boot!
    In short I would not hesitate to recommend Trevor to anybody who is feeling the stresses and strains of life, whether it be Corporately with the challenges that a career often presents, or suffering from negativity or borderline depression or anxiety as a result of similar or other complex issues that everyday life can throw at us.
    Trevor gets 5 stars from me in all areas.
    Many thanks 

    Mar 18 Yell 5/5 - Great Result.  My Son visited Trevor due to his anxiety levels which was causing problems with him going to school.  One session with BWRT made such a difference, no longer did he feel poorly on a Sunday building up to going back to school on the Monday.

    Feb 18 Facebook 5/5 - I went to see Trevor as I was really struggling to sleep. I had tried ear plugs, blackout blinds, relaxation oils and much more but nothing worked. I had built up an anxiety about sleeping in my bed that I couldn't seem to fight. I called Trevor and he thought that he could help so I booked an appointment. I am now like a new person and can sleep almost every night. I still can't believe that this therapy has worked. 
    Trevor was very friendly and professional and I felt instantly relaxed in his company. Thank you for your help Trevor, I have passed your details to many people already as they can't believe the success. 

    Feb 18 Trustpilot 5/5 - I visited Trevor initially for a consultation with no prior experience of seeing a therapist, I wasn’t sure how or even if it would work.Out of the blue I started suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks when driving. These became increasingly frightening not to mention debilitating. To say I have my life back may sound a little over the top, but honestly this is how I feel after a session with Trevor. I am greatful beyond words and can not recommend Mindset Hypnotherapy enough, it worked for me, I'm back driving as if that time in my life never happened. I’d suggest giving it a try if you have something that needs fixing!

    Feb18 Facebook 5/5 - "Trevor is personal, professional and discrete.
    I would highly recommend him if you would like to take advantage of an innovative technique (BWRT) that really works".

    Jan18 Facebook 5/5 - "My son went to see Trevor as he was under a lot of stress he only saw Trevor twice after the initial consultation and was back to his normal self. Trevor is a very kind and very understanding man and I can't sing his praises enough. Thank you Trevor."

    Jan18 Yell.com 5/5 - QUIT SMOKING - AMAZING RESULTS IN BECOMING A NON-SMOKER THAT REALLY WORK!!! I used Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy to help with stopping smoking. I am amazed at how painless it has been to quit the habit following the two hour session with Trevor. I was apprehensive prior to the session and mentally prepared myself for stopping, but when I arrived Trevor was very kind and put me at ease. Trevor explains how the process will work so you know what to expect during the 2 hour session. I wanted to thank Trevor as I am so happy to be a non-smoker. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be and really that is down to Trevor and his professional techniques for quitting smoking. Prior to the session I was also having some sleep anxieties, and amazingly these disappeared the night of the quit smoking session.If you are considering the Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy treatment to stop smoking, I cannot recommend this enough. And if you are still unsure, I think, what have you got to lose. You'll be amazed at the results, I am sure of that.

    Dec17 Google 5/5 - "An excellent service. Quick, friendly and very considerate of individual needs. I would highly recommend this service."

    Nov17 Trustpilot 4/5 - "I went to see Trevor 3 months ago, to help me with my eating habits and to help me change my life style for health reason. In the last 3 months I have gone from being a person who loved her sweet foods and crisps to a more healthier person. I have now got my Blood sugar levels under control and lost a stone in weight. I CAN NOW SAY NO TO NAUGHTY FOODS IF I SO WISH TOO. Thank you Trevor for helping me and making me feel so comfortable. I am always telling people about how Hypnotherapy and BWRT at Mindset have changed my life for the better. Such a small price to pay for it too."

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