• CoronaVirus/Covid-19 Update 14th May 2020

    I am very pleased to announce that as a result of the easing of Government Restrictions relevant to Covid-19 I am now offering Consultation & Therapy sessions both one to one in my Consulting Office and Online via Skype/Facetime/Zoom.  Prior to 'Lockdown' I had already implemented strict distancing & antibacterial cleaning measures in my office, both pre & post Client sessions.  These will now be in place again. 

    ** 50% Discount for all Health Workers/Carers & Essential Workers **

    who need Therapy as a result of Covid-19.


    ** Further Health Worker discounts available, up to 100% **

    at Therapists discretion.


    If you are struggling with heightened Stress or Anxiety as a result of these very difficult, worrying and uncertain times, a one off BWRT or Hypnotherapy (1hour/£60) session to focus your subconscious thoughts on future times, when this is all behind us, maybe just the right thing for you to allow you to feel more relaxed and capable to cope with today.

    Feel free to Call Me: 01252 560562 / 07548 772834.

  • Typical symptoms and conditions  that Hypnotherapy & BWRT can help you to remove from your life, allowing you to get your life back in balance...

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  • BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®.  A stunningly efficient and effective Therapy. One of the fastest, most efficient, permanent Client based therapies available.

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  • If you have made the decision that you finally want to Stop Smoking and just need that little extra help, a single 2 hour 'Easy Quit Smoking' session may be all that's required.

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  • Remember Therapy is an Investment in 'You' and a chance, if you're ready, to get Yourself and Your Life back in balance.


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  • Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy Vision Statement

    "To provide to all clients with respect to their presenting needs, symptoms or condition, the very best possible therapy I can give, in the most time efficient and cost effective manner possible. To maintain a caring, confidential practice and ensure that the clients health and well being are always paramount"