The state of Hypnosis (Focused Relaxation) is has probably been with us since early humans began to evolve into more sentient beings. If you’ve ever sat and simply stared for a while into the fire or a carpet or the TV and even though your eyes are open, they’re not focused on anything specific, instead  your thoughts are very much focused on something very specific… that’s self hypnosis. Our distant ancestors spent a lot of their time, just staring into the fire and thinking!  And what about when you become really engrossed in a film and you’re asked a question you don’t hear, that’s self hypnosis, or the one that really worries most of us, you drive from A to B totally absorbed by some other deep thoughts. And you get to B remembering hardly any of the journey, again that’s a state of self hypnosis you slipped into during your very deep thoughts. Of course you drove with no issues what so ever because the subconscious part of your brain allowed you to, it knows from years of trial and error exactly how to drive the car without you having to think about it!    

And the use of Hypnosis for  therapeutic treatment (Hypnotherapy), has been used across multiple cultures and generations, by the recognised practitioners of those times, for the last 250 years or more. I myself as a Local Therapist have been qualified and practicing as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over 10yrs now, assisting Clients with a whole range of psychological issues including:- Anxiety, Unwanted Behaviours, Addictions,  Trauma/PTSD, Confidence, Sexual Issues, Stop Smoking and Weight Loss.

Clinical Hypnotherapy, simply refers to the use of the hypnosis (a guided state of relaxation), by a fully trained and qualified Hypnotherapist, who then uses suggestion or analysis procedures, to assist a client with specific aspects of their subconscious thought process. A thought process that is otherwise holding them back from functioning at a level to that which the client might consider normal, beneficial and healthy. 

I don’t want you to confuse Clinical Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy with the often more familiar Stage Hypnosis. Stage Hypnosis is a bit like a Magic show. It’s very entertaining and in the case of Stage Hypnosis, often humorous. Yet like Magic, all is not as it appears and never is. The humour element for us the audience, is that the subject is under the control of the Stage Hypnotist and doing things that they might not normally do. However, as any hypnotist will tell you, under hypnosis you can always hear everything and you know exactly what you have consented to do. Some of us just want our five minutes of fame in front of an audience……and that’s ok.