Help with PTSD-Trauma Symptoms

Trauma is a psychological condition who’s cause and the perceived severity stretch across all ages and can manifest in a multitude of different behaviours in those that suffer.  Under the title of Trauma we are including everything from Unresolved Grief which might be considered one end of the spectrum through to Accident & Incidents, Bullying, Abuse in all it’s forms and finally Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a diagnosed condition (see listing below).  The main point to make here is that the resulting symptoms can be very similar in sufferers, irrespective of perceived severity of the cause.  Age, nature of the cause and psychological make up of the sufferer all play a part.    

At Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy & BWRT we have all the necessary therapeutic tools and understanding including advanced BWRT to address these very sensitive conditions whilst ensuring the Clients wellbeing is always paramount.  Simply Contact Me for a free Initial Consultation. 

  • Accidents & Incidents – By this term I’m referring to events that happen in life, this can be from being personally involved where the accident/incident happened to you, through to being a bystander and witnessing a traumatic event. Accidents & Incidents happen everyday and just about all of us would experience the ‘surreal’ experience of the event.  But for many it also has long lasting negative psychological affects that have a significant affect on that persons functioning in life.  And that’s where a fully qualified Advanced BWRT Therapist can really assist in removing or lessening that negative memory, allowing you to function ‘normally’ again. 

    Abuse – Abuse can be Verbal, Mental, Physical or Sexual or a mix of any of those aspects.  The Abuse can cause a whole host of negative feelings to the sufferer and their affect can last a whole life time.  These affects can range from mild neurosis in the form of unwanted functioning, thinking or behaviour, through to deep depression.  At Mindset we offer a free 30-40min Initial Consultation at which we have an opportunity to get a feel for the nature of the ‘affect’. Should you choose to move forward into therapy, we use BWRT therapy to remove the affect.  With BWRT You don’t even need to share with the therapist what some Clients feel is embarrassing details of the abuse, you may have a strong desire to keep this private.  I will just add though, that sharing it with a professional therapist can often be very therapeutic in itself.  But that’s entirely your choice.  

    Bereavement/Unresolved Grief – Elizabeth Kubler Ross (EKR) wrote a book ‘On Death and Dying’ about the five emotional stages, a cycle in effect that we typically go through when a loved one dies, or we lose something that we have a tremendous emotional attachment to i.e. a relationship, a pet or a career/job, or even a diagnosis of a terminal illness maybe.  This emotional cycle can include: Denial – the “No, Not Me” stage; Anger – the “Why me, it’s not fair!” stage; Bargaining – the bargaining with ‘God’ for more time stage; Depression – the “I’m so sad, why bother with anything” stage; Acceptance – the “It’s all going to be okay” stage.  This is a natural process that most humans go through when they have suffered ‘a significant loss’.  The challenge comes when we can’t get through ‘the cycle’ and 18mths to 2 Years later we’re still grieving, that Therapy might be appropriate.  Grief at the loss of a loved one can last decades or a life time.  With BWRT now, we can resolve that very quickly and get you living your life again.   

    Bullying – This is relevant to either the person who has been a Bully or the Victim of bullying.  Being a Victim of bullying is most often a dreadful experience to go through and often takes place over an extended period of time so that the psychological affects on the sufferer are cumulative.  The person who is the  perpetrator of bullying has a different problem, if they are seeking therapy it is probably to address Anger Issues which is or has caused the bullying behaviour or to address the deep feelings of Guilt for having bullied someone to start with.  At Mindset both of these needs can be met and resolved for each of the sufferers.

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/PTSD  Is the name given for a diagnosed Anxiety based condition when a person has undergone an extreme traumatic event or number of events.  This has become synonymous as a War specific condition however also widely diagnosed for as result of severe Accidents and Terrorist Incidents.  Its symptoms include frequent vivid stressful, frightening memories and flashbacks in re-living the event, Insomnia, Emotional instability and survivor Guilt to name a few.  It invariably has a substantial affect on a persons ability to function normally.  At Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy & BWRT we are able to deal with the extreme emotions that drive the memories and flashback, we can’t change history, but we can most certainly assist the sufferer in removing the heighten responses, so that life returns to a more normal functioning for the Client.