Behaviour Issues

Getting Help with Behaviour Issues is important if you want to have less stress and a more enjoyable relationship with those people you chose to share your world and life with.  Behaviour issues refers to negative Behaviour, Thinking or  Functioning we direct at others or ourselves. This can include: Anger, Abuse, Bullying, Jealousy, Compulsive Obsessions, Binge Eating-Drinking, or even Unwanted Habits like Nail Biting etc.  These can cause us anything from mild irritation or frustration, through to controlling every aspect of your life, or having a destructive negative impact on others for the rest of their lives.  These unwanted behaviours can often be addressed quite routinely using BWRT® in 1-3 sessions. Other more complex behaviours such as OCD or Eating Disorders may have more complex Core Identity aspects to them, that required a more Advanced BWRT  approach with 3-6 therapy sessions.  But the good news is they can most often be resolved, allowing you to lead the life you should be leading, a happier, healthier life for you and those around you.  Further details about BWRT’s origin can be found at Terence Watts Institute

Anger – I see a lot of Clients present with anger feelings that even to them don’t feel right or appropriate.  These expressions of anger almost always have a cause that is not related to what is going on in their lives today.  Again it’s often the result of something significant and negative that has happened along the way, that is now manifesting as Anger. At Mindset we can get to the source of this Anger and remove its destructive triggering effects on both the Client and therefore those close to them.

Binge Eating/Drinking – Is quite a common issue.  Again this is caused typically where there is an underling/subconscious psychological urge that is driving the behaviour.  At Mindset, in therapy, we look for the triggers that might be driving these activities and then simply remove them.  Once removed, your conscious thoughts then allow you to be your more relaxed self and conduct yourself in a manner that is healthy, right and appropriate for you.  

Bullying – In therapy I often see both victims of bullying.  I see Clients who have been bullied mentally and or physically and I see Clients racked with guilt at being bullies themselves. Both invariably have significant separate issues to deal with and at Mindset, both can be freed from the the debilitating affects or negative causes driving the symptoms or behaviour.

Jealousy – A very powerful negative emotion that if not treated or resolved, can cause significant problems both for the Client experiencing the emotion and if they act on their compulsion, further problems for the person who is the object of their feelings of jealousy. BWRT & Hypnotherapy can remove the negative drives and triggers, allowing all parties to get on with a more enjoyable life.  

Nail Biting – Typically driven by subconscious feelings of stress and anxiety from other aspects in your life. Nail biting  often leave a Client with feelings of frustration, embarrassment, shame and of course, actual pain.  Also if you care about your appearance, Nail biting can become a major concern, as it not looks very unattractive, it advertises your feelings of Anxiety.  At Mindset we not only address any underlying causes of Anxiety & Stress, we then ensure a different thought pattern to match your desire for attractive, maintained nails that are no longer bitten.     

OCD/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Behaviour – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Behaviour (OCD) is at best a repetitive almost childlike ritual to maybe stave off bad fortune and at worse a debilitating mental health condition that involves excessive repetitive behaviours or negative thoughts, centered around strong feelings of anxiety, that take up an extreme amount of time and energy.  It’s triggers and causation are often complex and multifaceted which makes unpicking the condition with traditional talk therapies, extremely difficult if not impossible. With Advanced BWRT protocols we now have a purpose designed approach to eliminate or significantly reduce Clients symptoms.

Social Media Obsession – This is proving to be more and more of an issue for a generation of teenagers and young adults who have grown up with social media as a way of life.  Over the last 20years the Internet has changed our lives beyond belief, bringing convenience, choice, easy communication and entertainment to the developed world.  But with the positive aspects comes the downsides as well. Social media not only allows families to stay in touch, but also creates a window to our lives and inadvertently privacy as has never existed before.  And in pursuit of popularity or a desire to fit in with your peer group, a habit in knowing who’s doing what, where and when, can get out of control.  If unchecked this can lead to growing feelings that everyone else is leading a fulfilling life, accept yourself!  This can lead to feelings of low self worth, low self esteem and even depression. At Mindset we restore balance so that Social Media viewing is just a part of your life that becomes balanced and appropriate. 

So if you feel it’s time to get control again of any negative behaviour that has almost become a habit for you, so that you reduce the stress in your life and have more enjoyable relationships with loved ones or friends, then getting help with behaviour issues is your first step.