Terms of Therapy

Below is a copy of my terms of business for therapy, a printed copy  of which I give  to Clients during the Initial Consultation, should they choose to move forward into therapy.

Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy & BWRT – Terms of Therapy – 1st November 2022

Dear Client

You have decided to enter into a therapeutic alliance, a partnership between you and the Therapist in order to help you to resolve some potentially psychological difficulties in your life and enable you to move forward with your life, in the way you wish to.

Therapy is not a magic wand that can be waved and all your problems go away, although to some it may feel like that has happened.  It is not the role of the therapist to solve your problems for you, but to help facilitate and guide you to the most suitable resolution of your symptoms.  It can be noted that in most cases the outcome is extremely favourable, but I’m sure you can appreciate, like most things in life, results cannot be guaranteed.

I offer two prime forms of therapy, Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT®) and Hypnotherapy.  Both are outstanding therapies in their own right, however I will adopt the therapy that I believe is best for the Client in bringing about the most time efficient (number of sessions) and permanent resolution.    

Therapy is not a set procedure.  Every one of us is different and also unique in many ways and hence various ‘modalities’ may be used during your therapy.  This can include the use of BWRT protocols, Hypnotherapy, WSN Parts therapy, Therapeutic Psychotherapy and Talk therapy.

Following an Initial Consultation, I will give an assessment as to how I feel I can best assist the Client to affect a positive, desired change in their presenting circumstance. I will outline a therapy plan which I feel could give the Client the most expedient, positive outcome and typically how many sessions might be required to achieve that outcome. I will share with the Client how each therapy works and my reasoning behind its selection. For therapeutic reasons, sessions typically take place on a weekly basis, however can be shorter for BWRT.

Each Hypnotherapy & BWRT session is scheduled for typically 60min at a cost of £60. However for Client and therapy efficiency, sometimes sessions might be 75min (£75), 90min (£90) or 120min (£120).

Stop Smoking’ sessions are typically 2 hours in length at a cost of £150.  

QHHT (Regression) sessions are typically 3-4 hours in length at a cost of £220.

Preferred Payment Method: Online Banking/Direct Transfer  

I do not take Credit Cards. I will confirm bank details as required.

All sessions must be paid for prior to the session commencing, unless other specific arrangements have been made.  If a session is booked and is subsequently cancelled for any reason whatsoever, I would ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice of the cancellation, or the session will need to be charged for.  If you feel ill on the day of your session, there will be no charge to reschedule.

Please do not arrive early for your booked session, as other clients are typically in session prior.  There is a waiting area outside my office for your convenience.

I would like to invite you now to confirm to me that you have read, understood and are satisfied to comply with the details/terms of my therapy as outlined above. 

Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any further questions or require clarification.

Thank you.


Trevor M. Collins DHP, MBBRS

Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapy, BWRT & QHHT Practitioner


Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy & BWRT®

Coltwood House, 2 Tongham Road,

Runfold, Surrey. GU10 1PH

Tel: 01252 560562 / 07548 772834