Help with Self Confidence

Very few of us are born with an innate Self Confidence.  Whether its Exams, Public Speaking, Blushing or Social Confidence (see list below), It’s learned and built on daily, right from that very first moment.  You simply learn a new skill from ‘trial & error’ be it walking, talking, language, maths, science, introducing yourself to others, singing in front of a thousand people… and each day your belief gets strengthened and reinforced.  But then come those show-stopping failures that happen to all of us.  But not all of us are able to get up as quickly or at all.  Some of us have had other seeds of doubt sown into out thoughts and so we begin to struggle with things that others take in their stride, which in itself doesn’t help our Self Confidence.  

At Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy & BWRT we specialise in removing doubt and building confidence.  In fact we can actually in effect modify the residual emotions of past failures using BWRT and if what you want to achieve is both possible and plausible, in other words ‘doable’ for you, then we can help set your mind for success maybe with a mix of BWRT and  Hypnotherapy, stacking all the odds in your favour of a positive outcome. Simply Contact Me for a free Initial Consultation.

Mindset Word puzzle type graphic based around Confidence.

Exams – Be it GCSE’s, A-level, Driving, Music or whatever.  Studying for an exam, cramming all that new knowledge and know-how into your mind so that it’s there just at the moment you need it can be a torturous journey.  There is an obvious level of practical ability comes into play and if you put in the foundation, that ability grows.  But at Mindset we can help remove any mental monsters from past performance and focus your subconscious thoughts on all of your positive strengths for the task at hand.

Social Confidence – ‘Personality’ a part of you which you are born with,  comes into play with social confidence.  Some people are naturally out going and others more reserved.  But that process of ‘trial & error’ and how many times we try again weigh heavily.  The more we fail the more we ‘close in’ making it yet more difficult to relax and be ourselves, which is so often all people want to see.  At Mindset with the introduction of our most recent BWRT therapy, we’re able to remove the effects of those ‘errors’ freeing you to be yourself again.

Blushing – A very socially debilitating physiological condition, again caused when the Brain uses an automatic brain pattern response that is typically at best ‘out of date’ and at worst ‘inappropriate’ for a full grown adult.  Nowadays this is a very straight forward condition to resolve using BWRT therapy.

Goal Setting & Performance Hypnotherapy often comes into it own when goal setting or performance enhancing is concerned.  It’s all about tuning that sub-conscious of yours so that it’s working for you, not against you.  Doing everything to stack the odds in your favour.

Public Speaking – Often sited as the most terrifying thing for a lot of people to do.  The fear and anxiety of ‘performing’ in front of others can lead to uncontrollable physiological reactions from the mouth drying to literally not being able to speak.  These fears and reactions are all just unexplored ‘mental monsters’ and have little or nothing to do with reality.  At Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy we often use a mix of Hypnosis and BWRT to condition you to feel relaxed and calm and to strengthen your ability to speak with authority and knowledge in your chosen subject.