Help with Anxiety Issues

Getting help with Anxiety – Anxiety is the prime driving ‘symptom’ of this section, from feelings of Stress through to Depression and the very low state of mind that can come with it.  The following list below is not exhaustive, but fairly typical of the wide ranging conditions, symptoms, or issues that Clients often describe when a feeling of Anxiety is present.  Anxiety can be present in all aspects of our lives at different times and with varying degrees of severity and this can be quite normal in short episodes.  It’s when these episodes become longer, its cause is unknown, or the Anxiety significantly affects our normal functioning, that help is required.   

Whichever of the below symptoms/conditions you may have, they can all be suitably addressed at Mindset using BWRT and or Hypnotherapy, ensuring a positive outcome for the Client and allowing them to get their lives back on track.  Simply Contact Me for a free Initial Consultation.

Anxiety – Here we’re referring to a more persistent feeling of anxiety, than the healthy, natural ‘in-built warning system’ we all have, typically when we know the the cause of anxiousness.  Anxiety that requires therapy is often because the Client doesn’t know what the cause of their heightened anxious feelings is, or why it is happening at certain times.  Often it can be an almost constant underlying feeling of dread.  These types of symptoms can be exhausting to a sufferer.

Blushing – Often a socially debilitating physiological symptom, caused when the Brain uses an automatic brain pattern response learned earlier in life, that is  out of date, or just  inappropriate for the mature Client.  BWRT is excellent at helping resolve this condition.

Depression – There is today a wide spectrum of the use of the word Depression along with the feelings and symptoms of suffers.  In therapy we consider   two prime types of Depression and their causes.  Firstly Endogenous, where the cause for the depressive feelings that ‘ebb and flow’ in the Clients life, are caused by an imbalance of ‘brain chemistry’.  This imbalance often requires medicinal intervention to help overcome the condition, to in effect re-stabilise the brain chemistry. Only a small percentage of suffers have this type of depression.  Then Exdogenous, where typically an outside event or aspect is the accepted cause of the low mood feelings, which can then change, as circumstances change overtime for the Client.  Here is where we can assist in helping Clients by removing the triggers and their negative affect on the Clients future life.  An initial Consultation will help us explore how BWRT can actually assist in both types.

Fears – Fear for a lot of people means that heightened, present feeling of a ‘threat’, which often turn out to be ‘Mental Monsters’ in themselves, but they can be debilitating none the less.  Fears, Phobias & Panic Attacks are all quite common and now with therapies like Brain Working Recursive therapy are fairly straight forward to remove from your life, permanently.

General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – This condition is often described when a Client is not able to put their finger on any one aspect that is causing feelings of Anxiety, more that they feel equally anxious about lots of things in their life.  This becomes very draining on the client as that Anxiety feeling is more often present most of the time.  I’m very pleased to say that at Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy & BWRT we have a Therapeutic Protocol specifically design for GAD sufferers.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

– Can be a debilitating painful and sometimes embarrassing condition.  It is often a condition that is diagnosed by GP’s only when all other Gut related conditions have been ruled out. It’s a complex condition that clearly manifests physically as a mix of Abdominal pain, Spasms, nausea, bloating and wind, which can be culminate in constipation or diarrhoea.  But its ability to flare up with little or no notice often causes significant anxiety and stress, which in turn can drive the physical conditions. Hypnotherapy is now recognised by GP’s and the NHS as often providing significant relief and calming of the condition and removal of any deep underlying causes of Anxiety in your life using BWRT, may in itself have a substantial positive effect on the IBS condition.  At Mindset we have a specific Hypnotherapy & BWRT Course dedicated to the IBS Condition.

Insomnia – Undoubtedly there can be many contributing factors to insomnia.  Environment, lifestyle, habits, anxiety, stress, can all play a role.  These need to be identified or eliminated as necessary and life habits modified accordingly to strengthen the condition for natural, restful sleep.  Where Stress and or Anxiety are key factors, then the source needs to be identified, addressed and removed. At Mindset with BWRT® & Broadband for the Brain® therapies we have what is widely recognised as the two very best therapies to resolve Insomnia and other Sleep issues.

Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy Anxiety based word puzzle

Low Self-Esteem/Self-Worth – These two conditions are more about feelings of self doubt which in turn creates plenty of Anxiety.  I like to think of Self-Esteem as what we feel about ourself inside, how we identify ourselves, do we feel good about who we are inside?  And Self-Worth is more about how we perceive our value or worth to the outside world.  We might think of ourself as loving and caring inside, but do we then think that of value to the outside world?  The Self-doubt itself is most often caused by how others have treated us or what they have told us that we then believe, typically in our formative years.  At Mindset, these feelings are addressed and their negative influence removed or reduce to an acceptable level. 

Panic Attack – An entirely different level of Anxiety all together.  Here the Brain has decided to suspend all reason. It will instead, upon a ‘perceived threat to the organism’ i.e. You, trigger an automatic ‘Brain Pattern Response’ that drops Adrenalin into the blood stream, starts you breathing harder and sets your heart pumping faster.  In other words triggered the Fight or Flight response, where the Brain has triggered it’s inherent physiological response, as if there was a need to fight or run for your life. You will not die from a Panic Attack, but it is very frightening for those that suffer with them. Within a couple of minutes the Brain regains ‘reason’ and immediately fires a counter response to return all of your physiological function back to ‘normal’.      

Phobias – Now these are truly a level above a ‘Fear’, these are when you are frightened to the point that you emotional, often physically shaking and need to physically remove yourself well away from the cause.  They often cause totally irrational mental & physical responses to an otherwise normal balanced life.   An amusing measure of whether a symptom is Fear or Phobia is to ask yourself if there is a sum of money in mind, for which you would face the Phobia?  If you answer ‘No’ It’s a Phobia!      

Relationships/Family – This is often a difficult area to help Clients resolve since there are other parties rather than just the Client and of course other parties don’t always see or perceive life the way the Client does.  However at Mindset I find just providing Counselling and Talk therapy can often help a Client get their thoughts and needs in perspective in order to move forward in their lives.

 Stress – Of course stress can be positive and negative.  In therapy we’re typically focused of the negative stress that Clients feel.  This can be as a result of Work or Family, or to be fair just about any aspects of your life.  Learning ‘Relaxation’ techniques from a qualified and professional Hypnotherapist, is an excellent way of maintaining those negative stresses.