• Behavioural Issues

  • Unwanted behaviour often referred to as Behavioural issues like Anger, Compulsive Obsessions, Unwanted Functioning, Jealousy or even Unwanted Habits like Nail Biting, can cause anything from mild irritation or frustration, through to controlling every aspect of your life and those close to you.  Most of these unwanted behaviours can often be addressed between BWRT & Hypnotherapy quite routinely. Others such as OCD can have more complex Core Identity aspects to them that required a more detailed, specialised approach with 5-6 therapy sessions.   

  • Anger - I see a lot of Clients present with anger feelings that even to them don't feel right or appropriate.  These expressions of anger almost always have a cause that is not related to what is going on in their lives today.  Again it's often the result of something significant and negative that has happened along the way, that is now manifesting as Anger. At Mindset we can get to the source of this Anger and remove it's destructive effects on both the Client and therefore those close to you.

    OCD/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Behaviour - As already mentioned Obsessive/Compulsion behaviour can range from a developed Habit through to Ritual tendencies and on to the more complex OCD Obsessive Compulsive  Disorder which can be both exhausting and massively disruptive to a sufferers life.  .