Addiction Behaviour & Habits

Getting Help for Addiction Behaviours or Habits.

There are many reasons why what some might consider otherwise social ‘fun’ activities, including Gambling, Alcohol, Recreational Drugs, Smoking/Vaping, Sex, Pornography or even use of Social Media, can then become an Addictive behaviour or at least a strong unhealthy habit for some people.  And that addictive habit or behaviour can have far reaching negative effects for the ‘addicted’ person, their families, friends, social life, career, finances, etc.  

Typically in the early stages of some of these pursuits, the ‘feel good’ hormones including  Dopamine are released, giving us that enjoyable sensation of reward and pleasure.  But then some of us need more Dopamine to balance our otherwise mundane or stressful lives. For others, the pursuit is adopted for the sole purpose of helping us forget or cope with unpleasant difficulties in our lives.

Word puzzle type graphic based around addictions.

At Mindset, we are able to offer a dedicated and Advanced BWRT based ‘Help with Addiction’ focused therapy program, that is entirely centred around a Clients Core Identity.  In simple terms this is all about how the Client perceive themselves and what the compelling activity or addiction gives them.  You have to realise that the once enjoyable activity you started, has for you become an unhealthy habit and even out of control, affecting not only you but most lightly those you love and choose to share your world with.  Therapy cannot be guaranteed as addictions can be very personal which makes them complex.  But we have had a lot of success with this programme worldwide.  Hence if you’re looking to break away form your ‘addictive behaviour’, we may have the solution for you.   If you feel that for you something that started as social fun, that became a bit more of a habit and now you no longer feel like you’re in control of that habit and actually it’s no longer fun! then simply Call or Contact Me with complete confidentiality, to get you ‘help with your addictive behaviour’ and take back control of your life.