• BWRT Therapy - Frequently Asked Questions

    BWRT Therapy FAQ's:-
    Below are some of the more common frequently asked questions that people have with regard to Brain Working Recursive Therapy and how it might assist them with any psychological symptoms:-

  • Q: – How many BWRT therapy sessions will I need?

    A: – One of the best aspects about BWRT is its speed and efficiency. It’s what attracted me to BWRT as a Therapist.  Often, a single session is sufficient to resolve long standing psychological problems, maybe a phobia or fear caused by a single event in your life. For the more complex symptoms i.e. Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Gambling, PTSD, Depression, etc. there may be a need for a 3-5 session course.

    Q: – Does BWRT therapy involve me going into Hypnosis?

    A: – No BWRT does not require a relaxed hypnotic state, almost the opposite. you simply sit in the consulting chair and I’ll direct your thought process. I do ask you to close your eyes to assist you in your concentration.

    Q: – Do I need to understand how BWRT works or believe it can work, for it to work on me?

    A: – No Your Therapist will explain in straight forward and simple terms the background to this therapy, but then guide you through a simple structured thought process, to allow the procedure to work for you. 

    Q: – Will I have to share embarrassing memories with the Therapist?

    A: – No This is an almost unique aspect to BWRT.  You can if you prefer, simply share the symptoms and how it affects you. You then simply share with the Therapist how you would prefer to feel and the Therapist has all they need to commence the BWRT Protocol.

    Q: – Are there any unpleasant side effects?

    A: – No There are no lasting side effects what so ever. Some people feel slightly ‘disconnected’ for a few seconds, some feel a little ‘bemused’ at not being able to find an unpleasant reaction to something that was there before, but this soon passes. 

    Q: – Is there a professional body that is responsible for training and monitoring BWRT therapy Practitioners?

    A: – Yes feel free to check out the following sites for BWRT Professionals and the Terence Watts Institute

    Q: – What should I do if my question is not covered here?

    A: – Please feel free to Call me or Contact Me. I’m more than happy to answer any of your questions.