• Help with Addiction - Advanced Therapy

  • Getting Help with Addiction - There are many reasons why what some might consider otherwise social activities (see listing below) can become an Addiction for some people.  And that addictive behaviour can have far reaching negative effects for both the 'addicted' person and their families, friends etc.  

    At Mindset Clinical Hypnotherapy & BWRT I am able to offer a dedicated advanced 'Help with Addiction' focused therapy program that is centred around a Clients Core Identity.  In simple terms this is all about how the Client perceive themselves and what the compelling activity or addiction gives them.  You have to realise that the enjoyable pursuit you once started has become out of control and you want to break away from it.  Therapy cannot be guaranteed, as addictions can be very personal which makes them complex.  But we have had a lot of success with this programme nationwide.  Hence if you're looking to break away form your 'addiction', we may have the solution for you.  Simply Contact Me for a free Initial Consultation.


    Alcohol - Like all addictions there are levels of abuse/use.  From the wine drinker having a bottle in an evening, through to a diagnosed Alcoholic, who instead might drink a bottle of Vodka per day.   Each will have a different journey to get control of their drinking and that journey will be very personal based upon the driving factors of the addiction to start with.  Mindset offer a free Initial Consultation to just allow us to discuss the background and I will then give you an honest assessment if I feel you would benefit substantially from therapy.

  • Drug/Substance - Due to the chemical effects that long-term substance abuse has on the human brain, there are several Drug addictions for which medical help and further drug interventions are required, in order to allow a withdrawal from the effects without further harm to the body.  There are then those drugs that are viewed as 'Social' drugs where the habit and lifestyle has become embedded within the Clients life where we can assist most.  This becomes more of a psychological battle to break away from the habit and that's where BWRT & Hypnotherapy come into their own as therapies.          

    Gambling - Has a very compulsive element for some addicts, chasing the 'thrill' of anticipation and 'buzz' of that big win, that the Gambler 'instinctively knows' is just around the corner.  This mis-placed 'instinct' is in fact a suspension of 'reason' which most often results in the addict loosing much more often than winning and invariably running up significant debts in order to recover.  With Mindset's use of a dedicated BWRT Core Identity therapy, we have had good success in helping Clients take back control and removing this destructive addiction from their lives.     

    Sexual Addiction - This might encompass an unhealthy use of Pornography, Masturbation or Sexual Partners.  It can also involve a Fetish addiction.  All of these can be quite natural and normal when in control as already indicated.  It is when they become an addiction creating an unhealthy imbalance in your normal life.  A sexual addition is not unlike Gambling in the thrill of the chase and buzz of the end desire, however like most addictions the de-sensitisation often leads to more extreme pursuits. Unlike some other addictions where total abstinence might be better for a Client, Sexual addiction can be brought back into balance in your life with Mindset's therapy. 

    Social Media Addiction - This is proving to be more and more of an issue for a generation of teenagers and young adults who have grown up with social media as a way of life.  Over the last 20years the Internet has changed our lives beyond belief, bringing convenience, choice, easy communication and entertainment to the developed world.  But with the positive aspects comes the downsides as well. Social media not only allows families to stay in touch, but also creates a window to our lives and inadvertently privacy, as has never existed before.  And in pursuit of popularity or a desire to fit in with your peer group, a habit in knowing who's doing what, where and when, can get out of control.  If unchecked this can lead to growing feelings that everyone else is leading a fulfilling life, accept yourself!  This can lead to feelings of low self worth, low self esteem and even depression. At Mindset we restore balance so that Social Media viewing is just a part of your life that becomes balanced and appropriate.    


    If you feel that for you something that started as social fun, that became a bit more of a habit and now you no longer feel like you're in control of that habit and actually it's no longer fun! Contact Me with complete confidentiality, to get you 'help with addiction'.