Psychological Sexual Issues

If you are struggling with sexual issues or difficulties (see typical listing below), be it psychological (in the mind) or physiological (of the body). And having consulted with your GP, believe there is no medical cause for any sexual issues, then I’m sure we can assist you in getting your thoughts and therefore body functioning how you believe it should and how you would like it to. 

Discussing something so intimate as our needs and desires of our sex lives, can feel embarrassing to some people, but that’s nowhere near as difficult as having to live with the constant disappointment of failure in your sex life.  In fact if you’re in a relationship, the stress & strain on either party not fulfilling their innate sexual desires and needs, can often be too much for the relationship.   At Mindset we put your mind at rest.  No one will ever embarrass you and most issues can easily be resolved with BWRT or Hypnotherapy, allowing you to live a happier more content life.  Simply Contact Me for a free 40min Initial Consultation.

Anorgasmia – Is the medical term for a male or female who has never or who regularly struggles to achieve an orgasm following stimulation.  This can be referred to as primary Anorgasmia if an orgasm has never been experienced, or secondary if the ability seems to have been lost. This is most often down to a subconscious thought process that is undermining your desire and halting an otherwise very natural biological process.   

Erectile Dysfunction – When there is certainty that there is no medical reason for erection failure, then it’s almost certainly going to be psychological.  Therapy will look to identify conscious or subconscious thought processes that might cause the failure and through Hypnotherapy or BWRT, we modify your thought process for a positive outcome. 

Masturbation Complex – Almost certainly caused as a result of a Neurosis (unwanted functioning, thinking or behaviour) that has been adopted as a result of something that happened in their early formative years.  At Mindset we specialise in removing Neurosis.  

Loss of Libido – Loss of Libido or Sex drive is very common for both Men & Women.  If you’re in a relationship this can cause stress and arguments between partners.  There can be a whole host of reasons as too why you lose your drive.  Stress & Anxiety can be a major cause which is where Mindset Hypnotherapy can assist you to regain a relaxed, calm balance back into your life.  

Performance Anxiety – A common and similar situation to that of Loss of Libido.  However in this case the Anxiety can be driven from a more recent and repeated ‘failing’ to perform.  This all comes down to Self Confidence for which Hypnotherapy is renowned as one of the best therapies for boosting Confidence.

Premature Ejaculation – Again can cause significant distress between partners and leads to Performance Anxiety in itself.  Therapy that removes any Neurosis and focuses on allowing the person to remain confident, relaxed and calm, will ensure ultimate success.

Vaginismus – Can be described as when muscles in the vagina tighten or contract  during what would be considered normal penetration. It is considered a direct physical response to a psychological thought resulting in ‘fear’ that penetration will result in extreme pain, whenever penetration is attempted.  Hence Vaginismus is most often considered to have a psychological (thought based) origin rather than a medical condition. This condition can be remedied promptly at Mindset using BWRT or Hypnosis.