• Neurosis... Unwanted Functioning, Thinking and or Behaviour

  • So do we all suffer from Neurosis to some extent?

    'Well in my experience, I believe just about all of us do suffer from Neurosis, it's just for some of us it's quite mild and will never really cause us any concern to give it much attention.  In other words we're able to function in life, without ourselves or others having any cause for concern about how we conduct ourselves.  So what do we mean by neurosis?  Well it's when we develop a behavioural trait who origins actually relate back to something that happened to us, typically something that had significant 'negative' emotion with it, that happened in our earlier years, before we had fully matured, although this can happen as an adult also.  And it's this neurosis that then often drives some of our behavioural traits i.e. being self conscious, prone to outbursts of anger, an irrational fear or phobia or even panic attacks and much more.   

    So we're well into the Autumn now, the kids have all settled back into their respective school's and most of us have finished our late summer holidays, so it's back to our normal routines. But do you find things have still not settled down for you?  Do you still have this uncomfortable feeling about your behaviour or the way you conduct yourself at times? or maybe just negative thoughts...? I always say that the acid test, is if you know its you doing it, but when you become aware of it, it's almost like it doesn't feel right for you! That's neurosis 'working its way to the surface. Something with a heightened negative emotional response almost certainly happened along the way, probably when you were much younger and due to lack of experience or maturity, your brain just didn't know how to process it, so it did 'something' to protect you, to help you survive. But now maybe many years later, that now 'automatic brain pattern response' is out of date or inappropriate. Most of us will never address our neurosis, instead suggesting to others "it's just the way I am!". But if you find that your Neurosis is starting to control your life, creating significant 'Unwanted Functioning, Thinking and or Behaviour', we can resolve and remove that very quickly now at Mindset. If you're not sure, just call for a confidential chat or arrange a free Initial Consultation to allow us to discuss in greater detail. I can then let you know exactly how we'll get you functioning exactly the way you'd prefer. That's go to be worth a phone call!

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