• Hypnosis Therapy (Hypnotherapy) FAQ's

    FAQ's about Hypnosis therapy- Dispelling the myths...
    In this FAQ's section below, are the more common misperceptions, concerns or myths that most people have with regard to Clinical Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy:-

    Q: Will I say anything that will embarrass me or that I want to remain a secret?
    A: Although you are nicely relaxed and your eyes are closed for comfort, you are fully conscious the whole time in Hypnosis and so just as if you were fully awake, you will only say what you are comfortable to say to your Therapist.

    Q: I can’t be Hypnotised! / I don't think it will work for me!
    A: If you day dream, then you can be hypnostised... so I think that covers just about everyone! Seriously, if you truly want to overcome your problem, have had the myths and facts of Hypnosis fully explained to your understanding and satisfaction and of course you feel comfortable with your Hypnotherapist, it absolutely will work for you.

    Q: Will you be able to control me or will I lose control of myself?
    A: No - Again you will be fully conscious the whole time of everything I say and do. You simply would not do anything that I would suggest, that you would not normally be comfortable to do in your usual conscious state. This is of course contrary to a stage hypnosis show, which is simply for entertainment. In fact for Hypnosis to be successful, the Client must want the desired outcome of the therapists suggestion procedure.

    Q: Can I get stuck?
    A: Hypnosis is a natural human phenomenon. There is nothing to get stuck. You are simply, comfortably relaxed and yet fully conscious the whole time. If you wanted, you could simply open your eyes at anytime and bring yourself back to a normal waking state.

    Q: Will there be any side effects?
    A: For most people, there are absolutely no side effects whatsoever. I personally always bring my clients out of any relaxed hypnotic state, nice and gently, just to avoid that sensation that you might otherwise get, when you are in a nice sleep and the phone rings! If however, you did experience any feelings of light-headedness or anything similar, it would pass very quickly.

    Q: How will it feel?
    A: A hypnotised state feels exactly the same as you would feel if you were in a state of being both mentally and physically relaxed, with your eyes closed. You experience this same sensation at least twice everyday, as you awake (just before you move or open your eyes) and again just before you drift into the sleep state. Simply an enjoyably, calm, deeply relaxed sensation.

    If you have any further questions that I have not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to answer any of your questions for you.